Skiing on the Summer Solstice

Skiing on the Summer Solstice

Photos Courtesy of Greg Harms

The smell of bacon wafting into my room woke me from my reverie. Phew, food  was near. Chefy made me a goat cheese omelet with a side of bacon. We were to be the third group to go out skiing so there was ample time to decide on an outfit. Since it was a little chilly out I opted for the white SOS suit with the fur lining and collar. Joan wore Rossignol, Stephen sported green and white J. Lindeberg, and Andrew sported a bright yellow SOS jacket.

We had a nice warm up run and then began to pick up the pace and increase the pitch. We had some great runs above the clouds with big rock walls at our side. The snow had “re crisped” in the cooler temps and was just like butter under our feet. We felt like rock stars on the creamy corn snow.

We headed back to the lodge for lunch and went out to the shooting range for some target practice. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has all sorts of toys for boys. And Girls! We warmed up with some rifles and shot clay pigeons, then we shot handguns at a metal target. My skeet shooting needs some work, I had been bragging that when I was a kid at camp I’d won a milkshake for hitting 10 in a row, but I was still pretty pleased to hit my target a few times.

We came back for a fabulous dinner of a “Duo of Red and White King Salmon”. I knew about red salmon, but didn’t know anything about White Kings. It was a sumptuous treat. Chefy was spoiling us again.

Time to suit up again and go ski under the full moon and really celebrate the Solstice.

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