Jean Michel Delavey Mon Ami

Jean Michel Delavey Mon Ami

Today is the birthday of my great friend Jean Michel Delavey. He was killed in an avalanche 4 years ago. I want to write about him for a few reasons. He was one of the most passionate skiers I’ve ever known. Watching him ski, it was like watching the “Cuckoo for Coco Puffs” character ski. He happily floated his way down the mountain, pure joy emanating from his being. Another reason is that he was a great friend. I met Jean Michel, who soon became Jean Mi Mi in Queenstown, NZ where we were working together teaching skiing at Coronet Peak. Luckily I spoke French, cause in those days, his English was not strong, but no matter, we connected and had the best of fun. I think he found a place in his heart for me because I didn’t ski so bad for “une Americaine” AND I spoke Frog! We lived a life of dreams in Queenstown, skiing all day, partying all night, making movies for “Ski Whiz” , and eating sushi at Minami Jujisei (Southern Cross) where I got Jean Mi Mi to try Green Tea ice cream that was really a ball of wasabi.  We made memories for a lifetime. We continued our friendship as I traveled to Europe numerous times. I lived in Chamonix for a few months one summer, close to Les Gets, and I would visit and became a part of the family, having “un expresso et un croissant” avec Madame Delavey in the am and dinners with the family in the pm learning about the great delicacies France has to offer.

We reconnected in Chile where Jean Michel was teaching skiing in Valle Nevado. We were so happy to work together and travel in Chile. We hiked and skied the volcano in Pucon together one day. After that year, I started working in Portillo and Jean Michel came over once each year to enjoy the great pistes in Portillo and catch up with friends. I have so  many great memories of you and I miss you and think about you often. Gros Bisous Jean Mi Mi!

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  1. minna bachrach
    minna bachrach 4 June, 2013, 19:39

    Hi Barbara: Your father suggested I read this and it was beautiful. Who says you have to have a husband to have a rich and meaningful relationship with a man!

    I haven’t seen Jerry and Peg for awhile but we e mail. I hope to see them within the next few weeks. I keep very busy – still have my insurance business but my energy levels are low although I am very lucky to do what I can do at this ripe old age.

    Kenny has two children; Hannah 8 and Jake 5 and I see them at least once a month. They live in Dana Point and he has a good job and works hard. Peter is married for the 3rd time to a lovely woman who has two great kids and they live in Valencia. Peter was in Michigan last week to see Jaden who is beautiful and smart and generally amazing.

    I am fortunate to have many friends. I sold my house in February and do not miss it altho I had 43 years of mostly good times. I have a 2 bd/2 ba apt in Warner Center and felt at home immediately.

    I have seen hundreds of beautiful pictures of Micah and can understand why he is the love of your life….I know that your life is full and exciting…..and with your child, there is nothing else you need.

    Much love and when you have time, e mail me a note….


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