Barb The King Slayer

Barb The King Slayer
The next days were filled with glacier hikes, scenic heli rides, and fishing for King Salmon. I have great memories of fishing with my mom and dad when I was little, but I’d never done the whole “waders” thing before coming to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. I find I’m mostly interested in sports that have fun and flattering apparel. Waders have come a long way, who knew they could be fairly form fitted? I like them belted at the waist and  accessorized with hats, scarfs, bikinis, and of course a splash of camo is always welcome.
Greg Harms, Mike Overcast, and Tommy Moe each shared their wisdom of the river with me. I hadn’t really appreciated the technique and touch that is involved. I’m not the most patient person in the world, but I am determined. This was my second trip to the lodge in Summer and I was not going home without “hooking up”! Chris Santella, fishing legend and author was fly fishing for Kings, and Andrew and Stephen were both landing Kings on more traditional gear. Finally after hours of “casting my plug”, I had a hit on my line. It was a BIG King, he was taking line and I began what seemed a Hemingway like battle. I reeled and reeled and then he took the line back out and then he was gone. Disappointed by my loss, I started casting again and again. I got another hit on my line, I was not going to let this one get away. I kept my tip up, reeled hard and brought him to the surface. Since it is catch and release fishing only, Tommy took the hook out of his mouth and helped me hold him for photos  before we put him back into the river. Now I could go home from Alaska with my head held high

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